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Race report by Wayne Mah click to enlarge
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It was another well attended and successful race held in Edmonton on a extremely cold weekend. Even the temperatures in the building hovered around 15C. It was cold, but that didn’t stop anyone from having a fun time. We had racers attend from seven cities in three provinces throughout western Canada.

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The results from this race predominately shows the Xray domination throughout the entire touring car classes. With all combined heats, the Xray, whether it is the 007, T2, T2R, FK05 or even the earliest T1 version out numbered the manufacturer presence, clearly shows its popularity in this region.

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The new T2-007 debut its agility and quickness in its first test in the hands of the Canadian top guns earned the TQ position immediately, only to be challenged by other 007 drivers throughout the weekend.

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Wayne Mah commented that this car is the quickest and easiest he has ever driven. Since Xray raised the bar again, it is tough to accept anything less.

Touring Stock A

1. Rod Littau Xray
2. Aaron Friend
3. Kerry Nexatte Xray
4. Josh Carter Xray
5. Stuart Leckie Xray
6. Jim Chapman Xray

7. Mario Dilallo
8. Rob McQuarrae

Touring 19T A

1. Dwayne Flodell Xray
2. Korgae Scales Xray
3. Rod Littau Xray
4. Gary Lanzer Xray

5. Mike Watson
6. Jim Chapman Xray
7. Rob McQuarrae
8. Josh Carter Xray

Touring Mod A

1. Wayne Mah Xray
2. Greg Mills Xray
3. Dave Palmer Xray
4. Dwayne Flodell Xray

5. Kevin Phillips
6. Ty Tessmann
7. Korgae Scales Xray

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On a side note, this was the 1st large race of the year for "Eddie" the lucky winner of the XRAY 007 kit that was donated at this years IIC race in Las Vegas by R/C America. Eddie is seen here with the president of his home club CARCAR in Calgary Alberta Canada (www.carcar.ca) Edie told me he was very happy with his new car and picked up 2 laps in weekly club racing:)

Wayne Mah Set-up sheet.