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Carlos Peracho, multiple Spanish Champion and many-time European finalist, has after long-term testing of the XRAY NT1 at XRAY's new racing facility at the new XRAY Millennium Factory confirmed that he will join Team XRAY and race the NT1.

"Coming to XRAY I was surprised and doubly shocked. First when I first saw the whole facility/factory and the world's most unique and best racing facility, and then second after seeing and testing the NT1. I have many years' experience with nitro touring cars and I just could not believe how quickly I was able to improve my best lap times using the NT1. Not only that, the car felt incredibly easy and predictable to drive, and with every small single set-up change I made I could feel a positive difference right away. This car is amazingly strong... the best nitro car I have ever seen and run. After long term testing I knew this car is winner and it was a very easy decision for me to join Team XRAY. I am very pleased and I look forward to becoming part of the team."

Team XRAY would like to welcome Carlos Peracho and wish him the best successes in the new XRAY Nitro Touring Team.