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Report by Ethan Lefebvre
Super fun learning experience at the 2024 1/10th SCALE SHOWDOWN hosted by Indy RC World

This would be the first race with The New XRAY 2024 1/10th scale cars are amazing to say the least! Hooked up with Aka tires!

Only 2nd time ever racing a 2wd mod on dirt took a bit to get comfortable but we managed to by the mains! I would start 4th but kept it somewhat consistent and took the win in both mains giving me the overall! Managed a 24.8 for my fast lap in the 2wd

In 4wd I would take the overall TQ but have a bad driving moment in a1 finishing 3rd. A2 I made a mistake again but put my head down and drove back to the front to take the win and overall! In 4wd I managed to get down to a 23.1.

Huge thanks to Xray teammate Garrett Martin for helping me wrench all day with all the crazy ideas we tried!

EB Rowe III you and the crew killed this idea and I hope yall do it again! Thanks for all you did!

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Results 2WD:
1. Ethan Lefebvre - XRAY XB2
2. Jaxen Anderson
3. Tyler Keel

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Results 4WD:
1. Ethan Lefebvre - XRAY XB4
2. Spencer Klein
3. Jaxen Anderson