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Report by Harley Eldridge
My XRAY XB2’24 worked amazing last weekend! From the off my car was really good, as last round I made the B but found the problem so all about confidence today!

Practise all went good both rounds, I managed 3rd just too much power from my Hobbywing Technology and Nosram lipos so I calmed it down for the qualifying rounds! Round 1, a steady round for me no mistakes and easy to drive this put me 2nd in round. Round 2, so changes to the car and many mistakes the car didn’t land very good but 7th in round. Round 3,again just a 5 minute run was needed car was a bit better and a 2nd in round again. Round 4, some changes and some fresh rubber I managed to TQ the round car felt a lot better so this put me 2ndon the grid.

Only one final, from the off I was able to put pressure on Yardy with Tom behind, we was all able to break away from the rest. A couple of laps in Yardy made a mistake and I was able to take full advantage, getting in the lead and was able to get to the end! My first win here at Junction 16 Racing track was very good and technical! With the win today this also put me 3rd overall in the championship! Again my package was amazing all day!

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1. Harley Eldridge - XRAY XB2
2. Thomas Phipps
3. Lewis Hopkins