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After long-term testing at the XRAY factory track, Manuel Huber (multiple Austrian Champion and EC/WC finalist), has decided to make the move to Team XRAY for racing and winning with the brand new NT1 nitro touring car.

After the testing session Manuel said:
"The main reasons for my decision to move to Team XRAY are the independent self-production of every part of the car (the XRAY factory is really amazing!), the possibility for quick changes to different parts, and of course the really great teamwork. After driving the NT1, I found it is much faster than the car I was used to racing. Overall the NT1 is very predictable and easy to drive, and every small setup change is noticeable. Now I'm just waiting for upcoming races to give my very best for XRAY."

Team XRAY would like to welcome Manuel Huber and wish him the best successes in the new XRAY Nitro Touring Team.