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Martin Christensen, European Champion, Nordic Champion and Multiple Danish Champion, is a welcome new addition to Team XRAY Nitro. Eagerly looking forward to racing the hot new NT1 nitro touring car, Martin's credentials, personality, and drive to win make him an obvious choice to bring XRAY the wins at nitro tracks around the world.

Martin's results:
European Champion 1:10 Nitro
2x time Nordic Champion 1:10
Multiple Danish Champion 1:8
3x time EC Finalist 1:10 Nitro

Martin Christensen says:

"When XRAY said that they would design and produce a nitro touring car, I knew it would be a very interesting product and very competitive. I know it will be of the same high standard as their other products, and I am confident that this car will be able to win the first time it hits the track. Joining Team XRAY is a great opportunity for me, and since I already know some of the great guys on the team it was an easy choice.

I did not know what to expect when I arrived to the new XRAY factory, but if I could only say one thing, it would be "Extremely impressive!" The production facilities are extremely modern with advanced equipment, probably the most advanced on the market today. I honestly did not think that it was possible to have a factory like this in the RC business.

When I arrived at the track and testing area, I was met with a familiarly noise - nitro engines! There was an indoor track with enough space to hold big indoor nitro races. Seeing all this reassured my decision to join Team XRAY. XRAY has what it takes to make world championship cars.

It's hard to believe the amount of time and design that has been spent on the high-level NT1, and it was amazing to drive it for the first time. It was really fast and so easy to drive.... a car with a prosperous future.

Team XRAY would like to welcome Martin Christensen and wish him the best successes in the new XRAY Nitro Touring Team.