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After the testing of the production NT1 car at the XRAY's factory, Paul Lemieux confirmed his aim to join the nitro touring team. Paul Lemieux is one of the best touring car drivers in the world and has an impressive list of wins in the last few years. Paul confirmed his unique racing skills as well the effective and successful partnership between Paul and Team XRAY that made him dominate most of the races in the last years and took him to the podium at the World Championship.

Paul will be a great addition to the nitro touring car team and will not only participate and showcase at races but will be responsible for support and tech advice at all main races at the Mid-West area.

After the long term tests of NT1 and visit at the XRAY Paul said:

"First I must thank XRAY for their excellent support and development, and to the great perfomance of the T2 and now the T2 007 which are a huge part of my racing success in the past two years. When I was invited to join the new nitro touring team I knew that Juraj and everybody at XRAY would design and develop a car that would be highly competitive from the start.

Flying to XRAY in Europe and visiting the entire facility was a great experience. I have seen a lot of RC factories and tracks around the world but nothing even comes close to XRAY's amazing new facility. I am very proud to have such a professional company and very nice people supporting me. Testing and running the NT1 went great, it was no surprise to me but very impressive that XRAY's very first nitro touring car will be top notch from the start.

I am looking forward to running the NT1 in the upcoming 2007 season, in which I will be traveling to all the races in the Mid-west series this summer to provide technical assistance to all XRAY drivers in my surrounding states. Additionally I will race at the main National and International events."