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The 8th annual Magma race, hosted by FastCats R/C ( www.fastcats.ca) was a huge success this year. Teams from Tamiya, Corally, AE, Losi and of course XRAY were present. XRAY Canada had the pleasure of having the one and only Barry Baker join the team for the weekend.

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The Fastcats facility is top notch in every way, the carpet is super smooth, wrinkle free with soft flowing boards and good traction. Friday was set for practice with Saturday set for all 4 rounds of qualifying with only the mains to follow on Sunday.

From the get go Baker showed his hand with setting fast lap after fast lap in both 19 turn and Mod. Simply put his T2007 looked super dialed! So easy to drive fast and consistent.

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By the end of the day, Barry Baker was TQ in both 19 turn and Mod, this against some stiff competition from Dayger, Easton, Hebert, and Crisp.

In the rubber class, Korgae Scales driving the 007 EU car duked it out with the super smooth Mark Frechette, Gordie Tam and the one and only Scotty Ernst for the all important pole position.

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The 1st leg of the triples went off with Baker Winning both 19 turn and Mod. In the rubber class, Mark Frechette won from pole, Tam had a issue and fell back in the pack, Ernst and Scales fought it out for 2nd and 3rd.

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As it would be victories would be sealed up in the 2nd leg for all the TQ's but it would come with a fight. In 19 turn Baker go out to a comfortable lead only to get taken out by a back marker, but it was still early and with 3 minutes to go Baker was charging back to the lead turning some of the events fasted times. By the 4 minute mark Baker made a pass for the lead and then drove it home for the overall win.

The second leg of mod was one of the best races of the weekend. Baker got out to a early lead with the hard charging Billy Easton in 2nd. about 45 seconds in Baker bobbled and went just wide enough for Easton to pass and take the lead.

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Baker recovered and chased Easton for the lead, the racing was so intense to watch as Baker was inches off of Eastons bumper for the next 3 minutes. This time it was Easton made a error and Baker crashed into him. it was a scramble down the straightway as Martin Crisp moved into the lead. Baker put once again put in fast lap after fast lap and re took the lead and held on to take the overall win In Mod.

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Overall the weekend was a great success for Team XRAY Canada, with Bakers two TQ's and wins and Korgae Scales 3rd place podium in the 19 turn rubber class.

Open Touring final results:
1. TQ Barry Baker XRAY T2'007
2. Billy Easton
3. Keith Yu
4. Keven Herbert
5. Mike Haynes
6. Jeff Dayger
7. Corey Whiteman
8. Martin Crisp
9. Mark Frechette
10. Joe Glover XRAY T2'007

19T Spec. Foam Touring final results:
1. TQ Barry Baker XRAY T2'007
2. Martin Crisp
3. Keven Herbert
4. Mike Haynes
5. Steve Bortolotti
6. Corey Whiteman
7. Andy Vetor XRAY T2'007
8. Joe Glover XRAY T2'007

9. Chris Mazzola
10. JB Catricala XRAY T2'007

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19T Spec. Rubber Touring final results:
1. TQ Mark Frechette
2. Scotty Ernst
3. Korgae Scales XRAY T2'007
4. Gordie Tam XRAY T2'007

5. Mike Zufelt
6. Jake Solt
7. Jerry Man
8. Corey Bazy
9. Philip Leung
10. Francis Lee

Barry Baker Set-up sheet.

Korgae Scales Set-up sheet.