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The Kyosho Masters took place the last weekend in the Czech Republic and it was definitely a big event loaded with top drivers from across Europe. The organizers were able to gather more than 100 drivers from Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and we saw such top drivers as Lenzi, Jonsson and the European and World Champion Daniel Reckward and plenty other Europe and World Championship finalists. This promised for a very good, adrenaline-charged race.

The track was located in a large indoor hall with carpet surface featuring plenty of small jumps but also several huge jumps which tested the durability of the cars. The track almost 300m long and was a mixture of technical and fast parts making the race spectacular for drivers and visitors.

Team XRAY was well represented by top Czech drivers and Multiple Champions Martin Bayer and Martin Pater who were running the new XB8EC. The XB8EC was handling perfectly right from the beginning, and Martin Bayer set the track record of the fastest lap. However it was Martin Pater who showed the best overall performance. Team XRAY did an excellent job and positioned 4 cars in the semi-finals.

Qualification results:

1.Jonsson Michael
2. Passmann Thomas
3. Pater Martin - XRAY XB8EC
4. Lenzi Samuele
5. Bayer Martin - XRAY XB8EC
6. Jurenka Miroslav
7. Reckward Daniel
8. Bayer Ales
9. Zeman Lukas - XRAY XB8TQ
10.Korinek Martin - XRAY XB8EC

11.Guschl Phillip

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In the finals Martin started with a nice battle with Michael Jonsson after the start for several laps, and then he passed him for the lead which he kept for the rest of the final. Martin was able to get a good lead which allowed him to take one extra fueling to keep a safe run. Despite having World Champion Daniel Recward pushing hard and trying to catch the leader, Martin stayed calm the whole race and was able to bring the XRAY XB8EC to the final win of this prestigious race.

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Martin Pater said after the race: "The new XB8EC handles just great, the improved weight balance helped me to control the car in the bumps much better and the improved steering was definitely helping me to gain in the corners. The new XB8EC is for sure easier to drive which allowed me to relax during the long final run and to concentrate on the racing".

Final results of the 2007 Kyosho Master:

1. Pater Martin - XRAY XB8EC
2. Reckward Daniel
3. Jurenka Miroslav
4. Guschl Phillip
5. Bayer Martin - XRAY XB8EC
6. Passmann Thomas
7. Kapicka Jan
8. Lenzi Samuele
9. Bayer Ales
10. Jonsson Michael