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Round 4 of the South German Championship was held on February 17–18 at the fine MCSS Althengstett race track. Open practice was held on Saturday between 11:00AM–1:20PM. The track wasn’t very easy so we had to drive more practice rounds. Our setup was the same as we used at the BaWĂĽ-Cup in Althengstett. After practice we started qualifications. There were two qualifying rounds on Saturday and two on Sunday.

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The qualification rounds on Saturday went very well, so we could sleep a little bit easier. Qualification on Sunday was quite the same like Saturday, so XRAY was TQ in Standard class.

Qualifying results - Modified

1. Dominik Fleischmann
2. Felix Bischoff
3. Berhard Bopp
4. Daniel Wohlgemuth T2’007

Qualifying results - Standard

1. Eric Dankel T2’007
2. Florian Ring T2’007
3. Markus Wegmann T2’007

4. Reto Dobler

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The first Modified A-Main was won by Berhard Bopp followed by Daniel Wohlgemuth, youngster Felix Bischoff, Stefan BrĂĽck, and Martin Hofer. The first Standard A-Main was won by Eric Dankel ahead of Reto Dobler, Daniel Satorius, Florian Ring and Jan Dankel.

The second Modified A-Main went to Felix Bischoff followed by Fleischman , Hofer Leber and Bopp. In Standard, XRAY driver Eric Dankel dominated ahead of Ring, Dobler, Satorius and Markus Wegmann.

The third and last round of Modified was won by Bopp, Fleischmann, Hofer, Wohlgemuth and GĂĽnsel. In Standard it was Eric Dankel winning ahead of Wegmann, Dobler, Ring Jan Dankel and Michael Zipfel.

Final Results - Modified

1. Bopp Bernhard
2. Fleischman Dominik
3. Bischoff Felix
4. Hofer Martin
5. Wohlgemuth Danniel T2’007
6. BrĂĽck Stefan
7. GĂĽnsel Thomas T2’007
8. Leber Christian
9. Baumann Norbert
10.Löbel Alexander

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Final Results - Standard

1. Dankel Eric T2’007
2. Dobler Reto
3. Ring Florian T2’007
4. Wegmann Markus T2’007
5. Sartorius Daniel T2’007
6. Dankel Jan T2’007

7. Zipfel Michael
8. Borowski Julian T2’007
9. Lang Matthias T2’007
10.Neuhaus Jan-Felix T2’007

Dankel Eric Set-up sheet.