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The Kyosho Masters race was held in Wiener Neustadt near Vienna. The race started on Friday with open practice and continued on Saturday. Team XRAY with their brand new car NT1 was represented at the race with Manuel Huber (Austrian nitro champion and multiple European Championship A finalist), Manuel Singer (a young and talented Austrian driver), and Martin and Juraj Hudy. Manuel was on the track starting on Friday but Martin and Juraj - because of lack of time - arrived Saturday morning.

The new NT1 worked very well from the first practices. Martin used his Winternats set-up but the track was smaller and the grip was higher, so he had to make some changes in order to make the car even better. In order to get more steering and make car easier to drive, Martin decided to use a front differential instead of a solid front axle which he used at the Winternats. Thanks to small changes he was the fastest driver on the track ahead of Manuel and Juraj. The race had no rules for bodies so many drivers decided to use Lola bodies which are better than touring cars because of more steering and traction.

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Martin in front of Juraj
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The race started on Sunday with three qualifying rounds from which the best one was counted. Because the race was held in the hall, race organizers were concerned about smog so they decided to drive four 10 minutes finals instead of one final in order to take small breaks between runs. Manuel was very fast in the qualifiers and set TQ ahead of Martin who had some engine problems. Juraj finished 4th and Manuel Singer, who also had bad luck with the engine, finished 9th which was BQ position.

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Manuel Singer
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The first final was little unlucky for Team XRAY because Martin continued to have engine problems. His engine was not consistent which made the car very difficult to drive and this caused a lot of mistakes. Martin is an electric driver and in nitro is still a beginner, therefore his engine settings were not perfect yet. Despite having this problem he was led the 3 finals but always had bad luck: once with traffic, once with improper gear mesh, and finally with engine stoppage. Therefore, he finished only two finals and finished 6th overall. Manuel also had some bad luck but was able to finish all 3 finals and placed 2nd.

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He could possibly win the race but in the first final when he was leading he went to the pits for refueling very quickly, hit the wooden barrier and broke the car. Juraj was a little unlucky as well when in first final, during his lead he was crashed on the straight and lost a lot of time sitting on the roof. However, he was able to finish in 2nd twice and once in 4th which put him into an overall 3rd position. Manuel Singer dominated the B main final where he won three finals.


1. Marc Kreisig
2. Manuel Huber XRAY NT1
3. Juraj Hudy XRAY NT1

4. Harald Hofer
5. Daniel Tomaschko
6. Martin Hudy XRAY NT1
7. Werner Spannbruckner
8. Wolfhang Futterer

Winner: Manuel Singer XRAY NT1

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Manuel Huber
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Although the driver had some bad luck they were very satisfied with the car's performance because Martin and Manuel made very fast lap times in each final and were faster than the rest of the pack. However, with the touring bodies they were not able to beat the winner Marc Kreisig who was using a Lola body. For the next race with open bodies Team XRAY will be ready with Lola body. See you next time!