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Report by Maxime Ripoll
It was on this RSMA circuit that the 3rd round of the French 1/8th track championship took place. Thanks to the club for preparing the track and the perfect organization. On Saturday after a mistake in the first qualifying round I took pole position, the 15 laps was possible twice, but I lacked autonomy....

My teammate Thomas Eytard took second place in the last qualifying round. Once again, we both qualified directly for the final.

In the national category, Yorick Gulling takes second place and qualifies directly for the final.

The final starts at a qualifying pace, and given the wear of the tires, two tire changes are scheduled. The start is in accordance with the qualifications, I start in front of Thomas, but at the first tire change, I make a mistake leaving the pits, which temporarily gives first place to Thomas who will make the same mistake later in the race, this will allow me to regain the lead of the race without ever letting go.

In the French championship, Thomas is still the leader, but I pick up with only 3 points behind, there are still rounds to go.

In the National category, Yorick is in a fight until the final horn, he finishes 2nd, only 3 tenths behind the leader!! That's not the important thing, he scored important points for the rest of the French championship and thus consolidated his position as provisional leader.

The XRAY team was represented with 8 drivers, the family is growing…

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Results Elit Class:
1. Maxime RIPOLL - XRAY RX8
2. Thomas EYTARD - XRAY RX8
3. Christophe LOUIS

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Results National Class:
1. Laurent ZATLA
2. Yorick GULLING - XRAY RX8
3. Jules DAVID