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Report by Aaron Waitz
The SK-Run Sud in Sand am Main and for us the warm-up for the Brenner DM is over again.
There was free training on Friday, so we were able to use it to test a little and shoot with Jody Müller. That was really fun.
Saturday morning we started the timed training sessions. We had to remove my backup motor because it unfortunately needed a new bearing. We had to install our new (and freshly clamped) engine and were only able to run it in for two training sessions. The FX Engines ran really, really well. I got along very well with my XRAY XB8 24. The setup was good. The heats went well and I was 8th in the overall list. That meant straight into the semi-finals. I got off to a good start in semi-final B and was in third place the whole time. Until my engine stopped due to a driving error at the furthest point on the route. I lost 3 rounds. I tried everything, but in the end I was 10 seconds short of getting to the ascent place.
Conclusion: we had good training for the DM and at least found a basic setup.

But what makes me happy is that I was able to win the youth race.
Thanks to Ralf Ralf Bauer and his team for the great race.

My Power HD servos ran very well. The tires we had on were great.

Thanks to my supporters.

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Results Youth:
1. Aaron Waitz - XRAY XB8/FX
2. Tom Kotzner
3. Joshua Bernklau