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Race Report by Jake Zarb click to enlarge
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The Nationals at New Zealand were set to be run at the Manawatu track. The track had a good mix of high and low speed corners and moderate grip levels. The rules are slightly different as tires are open, so this allowing foam tires to be used. You were also not allowed to use a traction Additive and there was a 12 turn limit in place and no brushless systems allowed. This made for some very close and competitive racing.

Friday/Practice click to enlarge
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With not to much experience with the Xray on foam tires I started with a 35 shore tire this proved to be the best for the track. I also changed the spool front diff setting to a one way setting, this was the best changed I made to the car all weekend, the one-way suiting the 12 turn foam tire conditions perfectly. The Xray was placing some strong lap times down now.

1st heat I drew 6th off the grid (there wasn’t a staggered start). I fought my way into the lead in that run giving me 1st off the grid for the next round. The Xray got faster and faster as the day went on, holding TQ through out the day, ready for the finals tomorrow.

Sunday/Finals click to enlarge
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First final I had a clean race leading from start to finish. Second final I got into a bit of trouble with some lapping traffic which put me down into 3rd, having to fight back up to 1st position. Third and last final I had a great race with Ivan Ho, but I still managed to secure 1st in that race and breaking the track record with my Xray 007.


1st Jake Zarb Xray T2'007
2nd Ivan Ho
3rd Pearce Stephens
4th Karl Meyer
5th Darren Johnston
6th Brett Waudby
7th Sam Cooney
8th Simon Abela
9th Liam Heffernan Xray T2'007
10th Aaron Young

Jake Zarb Set-up sheet.