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Report by David Ehrbar
The FFFF1 race in Riccione was this year’s largest F1 race. Located in a holiday area at the sea, it is for sure a nice place to go. I have always liked the track, we had been here for ETS in the past.

This time, the race was in a very special format. First, there were strict body shell and wing rules, then there were the rubber tires. And especially the format with qualifying by 3 consecutive laps, run in 2 separate 10 min windows. The race itself was split in 2. The first race was in a rather traditional format with 3x10 min finals. The second was one single final, with the lower finalists still able to win the race, in case they run faster than the A finalists. This got especially interesting, as there was slight rain at the end of the B final and at the beginning of the A final.
There was some additional spectacle, as all drivers had to go through the pit lane once in each of the 10 min finals and twice in the 20min final.

I could win the qualification. And win all finals of the 3x10min finals. So I have won the first part of the event. Luke Lee had improved to the 3rd spot starting from 6 with amazing driving in the finals, especially in the 3rd final.

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Formula results:
1. David Ehrbar - XRAY X1’24
2. Jitse Miedema
3. Luke Lee - XRAY X1’24

Then in the second event, the 20min longrun, the startingorder was arranged by taking the 3.10min runs as qualifying. With his good 3rd run, Luke had secured the 2nd starting position.

There was some very light rain at the beginning of the race. I had expected high grip conditions, and thus tightened my diff a bit, but that was too much, and my car became very difficult to drive, so I spun out a few times, and had no chance to fight for good positions. Later, my car came back to life, and I even made the fastest laptime, but I was already too far back. Soon, also Jitse Miedema had some bad luck when he lost a screw and was out of the race.
In the meantime, there was a close fight at the top of the ranking. Luke Lee could win in front of Luca Buono and Gonzalo Garcia who had started from 5 and 11 respectively. Both proved, that by good driving and not making mistake you can get good results in a long run race, even if you start from behind.

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Long run results:
1. Luke Lee - XRAY X1’24
2. Luca Buono - XRAY X1
3. Gonzalo Garcia - XRAY X1