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Report by Mathias Nedrebo
Last weekend Grenland Modellbilkubb held the first round of the Norwegian On-Road Nationals at their facility in Skien.

On Saturday, it was Øyvind Stusdal who won the race in 1/10 fuel touring after it was interrupted by a thunderstorm, making the results from the qualifying count as the end result. Christian Hovden and Dan Terje Bjørnflaten completed the podium.

On Sunday, it was time for the electric classes. With heavy rainfall the day before, the track had lost some of the grip, and we also saw some decently high temperatures.
I used my second set of tires in Q3 to grab the TQ spot in the best conditions we had the entire day as the track cooled down a bit, but Albin saved his for the first final.
In the finals I struggled to keep the lead without pushing and overheating the tires. It always ended with hits from behind. I won final 2 after an intense battle to the last corner with Alexander after Albin hit me and had to retire the car.
Albin won final 1 and 3 to take the overall win.

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1/10 Touring Modified results:
1. Albin Ingholm
2. Mathias Nedrebø - XRAY X4
3. Alexander Gjemble

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1/10 nitro results:
1. Øyvind Stusdal - XRAY NT1
2. Christian Hovden - XRAY NT1
3. Dan Terje Bjørnflaten - XRAY NT1