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Micro racing is become more and more popular in Russia and the quantity and quality of drivers is increasing very quickly. Approximately 50 drivers took part in the 6th round of micro racing, which was held in Moscow on March 3-4.

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This round was the most successful for XRAY drivers, as there was full domination of XRAY in the TC18 category and a win in 18truck category.

A final TC18:

1. Artem Lopukhin XRAY M18 PRO
2. Dmitry Malyshko XRAY M18
3. Cyril Kiselyov XRAY M18 PRO
4. Yuri Gumenuk XRAY M18 PRO
5. Mikhail Krasowskiy XRAY M18
6. Alexey Gorbunov XRAY M18 PRO

A final 18 truck:

1. Artem Lopukhin XRAY M18T
2. Mikhail D’yachenko
3. Oleg Ershov
4. Alex Lobachev
5. Mikhail Krasowskiy
6. Matvey Maslov