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Race report by Adam Joiner click to enlarge
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This 2-day race was held in Southern Louisiana and hosted by Tri-City RC. The track crew put on a great race and the track held together nicely.

I was unable to attend the qualifiers on Saturday due to prior engagements, so the task at hand was quite large as I had to start dead last and bump through all the lower mains to make the Show.

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With little practice before the mains started, I wasn’t sure on tire choice. I won the C-Main and then went on to take the B-Main as well. I changed a few things on my XB8TQ before the A-Main and went out feeling confident. Fellow Xray driver Sean Thomas had qualified 3rd but fell out of the race early due to engine trouble.

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My buggy was solid and easy to drive throughout the 30-minute race and I ended up with the win.

1/8 Expert Buggy - A MAIN

1. Adam Joiner - XRAY
2. Justin Cranford
3. Derek Guidry
4. Bobby Credeur
5. Brendon Nolan
6. Bill Shepard
7. Chuck Metz
8. Cody Fruge
9. Travis Crews
10.Sean Thomas - XRAY

Adam Joiner Set-up sheet.