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The Light-Blue shocks springs (#358095) which are included in the kit are NOT the light-blue springs. By a mistake in the color coating process the Dark-Blue springs (#358096) were coated with Light-Blue color. Therefore the springs which are in the kit, despite they have Light-Blue color, in the reality the characteristics and the springs are Dark-Blue.

We suggest to use for the basic set-up either the White springs or the correct Light-Blue springs from the XB8 or XB8TQ kit.

Some of the later XB8EC kits will include the proper and correct Light-Blue springs and there will be a notice in the kit notifying that those springs are the correct Light-Blue springs. In case, you will purchase an XB8EC kit where there will be no notice, it means those are the "Dark-Blue" springs. In case you will need replacement, please contact your national distributor providing the serial number of the car printed on the Certificate and the shop name where you purchased the kit.

With any further questions please contact [email protected]