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Action Hobbies Kingsville, outside Windsor, Ontario, Canada hosted their third annual March Meltdown March 16-18.

Racers from Ontario and Michigan were present to test their skills on the fast-yet-technical layout on the Action Hobbies Kingsville track.

Through practice and qualifying the high speed and flowing turns of the track showed that a premium would be placed on precision and consistency.

Andy Vetor secured TQ in both stock and 19T with his XRAY, showing that in the hands of a skilled tuner/driver it is still a competitive car.

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Aaron Straus took the TQ in modified with his T2, Jeff Dease drive his M18 to TQ in micro On-road, while Xray Canada team driver Wayne Vince TQ'd both micro offroad with his M18T .

In the mains, the top qualifiers were all able to defend their positions, but not without a fight.

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In the Stock A-Main, Xray Canada team driver Scott Smither was able to squeeze by Andy Vetor early in the race. As the race continued it became a tactical match as Smither carved razor sharp lines through the turns, while Vetor smoothly drove an only very slightly more conservative path, waiting for a bobble. That bobble came with about a minute left as Smither lightly brushed a ripple on a board in a sweeping turn forcing him off his line and allowing Vetor to sneak by.

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Vetor held his line and focused on staying fast yet clean and was able to hold on for the victory 0.24s ahead of Smither.

Here are the results from the event:

-- 1/10 Stock - A Main --

1 Andy Vetor - T2'007
2 Scott Smither - T2

3 Jeff Beaule
4 Rob Say - T2'007
5 Wayne Vince - T2'007
6 Kevin Morin - T2'007
7 Brandon Showler - T2'007

-- 1/10 19 Turn - A Main --

1 Andy Vetor - T2'007
2 Jeff Beaule
3 Ray Cappel - T2'007
4 Erin Zonta - T2'007
5 Aaron Straus - T2

6 Earle Edwards
7 Rob Say - T2'007

-- 1/10 Mod - A Main --

1 Aaron Straus - T2
2 Erin Zonta - T2'007
3 Nate Talaskavich - T2'007
4 Rick Endler - T2'007
5 Darko Varga - T1FK'05

-- Micro Offroad - A Main --

1 Wayne Vince - M18T
2 Ryan Saunders
3 Paul Chapman
4 Francis Lee
5 Jonathan Hoy
6 James Baltzer
7 Daniel Banner
8 Aaron Anson
9 Ken Harris
10 Victor Garcia - M18T