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NT1 of Jilles in action
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Last weekend saw the first round of the Dutch 1/10th 200mm National Championship held at the Groningen track which is located in the north part of Holland. On Saterday there were already many drivers testing and practising for the first National race of the year.

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Maarten and Jilles
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On Sunday the race started with three qualifications of 5 minutes followed by lower mains and on the end of the day the main final. In qualification Jilles took TQ with Jordy Blok driving a Serpent in second. Daan Jacobs running a Kyosho in third and Maarten van Lierop driving the Xray NT1 for the first time in fourth spot.

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NT1 of Jilles after the final runs
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In the final Jilles was leading the pack followed by Jordy and Daan. After 10 minutes Jordy retired after loosing a rear wheel and that gave Jilles a clear lead.

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XRAY NT1 first & third
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After 30 minutes Jilles crossed the line first, with Daan closely in second and Maarten in third.

A pretty good start of the season with Maarten and Jilles driving the new NT1 with a win and third place finish!

1. Jilles Groskamp XRAY NT1
2. Daan Jacobs
3. Maarten van Lierop XRAY NT1
4. Ruud Schuitmaker
5. Remy Moller
6. Jurgen Geerligs
7. Sander Borghoff
8. Niels Pourchez
9. Ronald van Erp
10. Jordy Blok