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The XRAY NT1 made a stong debut at the social championship held in ARCA (Madrid), at the track where the 2007 Euros are going to take place in August.

The weather was much better than the warm-up event, with the temperature rising to 20°C and sunny skies on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was open practice and already Inaki Pahissa with his brand new XRAY proved to be the fastest driver on track.

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On Sunday the race had 33 competitors, including some of the top drivers in the Spanish Championship such as Javier Hialgo (who won the first round of 2007 held in Gijon), Israel Solis, Victor Pelaez, and Alex Aroca. The track’s grip wasn’t as good as in the dry conditions in the EFRA, and despite it gaining grip through the day it didn’t reach optimal conditions that are presumably going to be found at the Euros.

After qualifying rounds, Alex was in TQ with 17 laps at 5:03, followed by Javier Hidalgo, Israel Solis, and Rafael Ortiz. Inaki Pahissa had bad luck in qualifying and couldn’t finish any of the three rounds, which obliged him to climb upward from quarter-finals. Inaki was able to win the quarter-final with a fast and constant pace, qualifying to the semi-final.

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In the semi-final Inaki continued to be the fastest driver on track, winning the semi 1 lap ahead of 2nd place, giving him a 5th place grid position for the final.

The final promised to be very interesting with Javier, Israel, Alex, and Inaki battling for victory. Israel was forced to start from last place of the grid due to some gear problems during warm up. The battle closed up between Javier, Alex and Inaki, all of them pulling away from the rest of finalists. Again the NT1 seemed to be the fastest car on track, closing the gap that separated him from Javier Hidalgo. Inaki reached 1st position just after the first pit stop and wouldn’t lose that place for the rest of the 30min final, finishing 4 laps ahead of 2nd place and having the fastest lap of the final.

After this race, the XRAY NT1 proved to be not only a fast and consistent car, but also very reliable, having no adversities in any of the sub-finals and finishing the race in perfect shape.

Final results:

1. Inaki Pahissa XRAY NT1
2. Israel Solis
3. Javier Hidalgo
4. Alex Aroca
5. David Lopez
6. Hugo Santos
7. Ruben Jaen
8. Cristian Lopez
9. Pedro Garcia
10.Rafael Ortiz