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Race report by Hobbylink / Sufian click to enlarge
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Singapore XRAY driver Sam Cheng made an impressive debut of the XRAY NT1 in the 1/10 GP touring arena. The race was an open-class championship race amongst top drivers in Singapore at Turf City on May 6, 2007. The weather was good for the race and the track was in excellent condition.

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The race had 50 competitors. The qualifying round consisted of 3 rounds of Heats before the Finals (A-Main, B-Main and C-Main). During the 3 rounds of Heats, Sam Cheng came in as Top Qualifier (TQ) and went to the A-Main Final, by clocking the fastest time of 12.545 seconds.

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In the A-Main Final, the condition of the track changed. The tyres have to be changed in the very last minute from 37-40 to 37-37. Because of this, we weren’t prepared and had to hurriedly put on our leftover Heat tyres just before the start. Sam Cheng had to be pushed to the last position but he managed to catch up the 4th position during the race. However, Sam’s NT1 was T-boned by another car which resulted in a broken exhaust system.

After this race, the XRAY NT1 proved to be a car to be reckoned with.

A-Main Final Starting Line-Up

1. Sam Cheng - XRAY NT1
2. Othman
3. Jesse Wu
4. Nelson Lee
5. Barry Ng
6. Albertino Sang
7. Ah Heng
8. Michael Kristanto
9. Andrew Chin
10. Teck Fong
11. Daniel Chee
12. Siu Fai

All in all, I would like to thank the organizer and all participants. Happy racing and see you again!!