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Race report by Maarten van Lierop click to enlarge
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Last weekend was Round 2 of the Dutch 200mm Nationals at the fast track in Rucphen. We all arrived on Saturday to start practice and to find a good setup for the races on Sunday. At the end of Saturday I was not yet happy with my setup. But, with no practice time left I could only hope for better on Sunday.

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Maarten van Lierop
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When we arrived on Sunday the weather was nice and everyone was ready for the qualifiers. Had some problems with my brakes and engine and came in for 3 or 4 times to be adjusted. For the second run I also changed the front diff to a solid axle. The car felt much better and easier to drive but I knew it was not fast enough. In the last run I pushed hard to set a good time. I set the 4th time, which put me directly into the final.

Top Qualifiers were :

1. Jordy Blok
2. Richard Keur
3. Remy Muller
4. Maarten van Lierop XRAY NT1

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Maarten and his mecanic (his dad)
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By the time the semi-finals started the weather changed and it started to rain. Everyone was preparing for wet conditions and started changing engines and setups. I was waiting to make changes until the last moment. When the final was only 20 minutes away I had to prepare my car for the rain. Because of the conditions the final was shortened to 20 minutes.

When we started the 3-minute warm-p the rain had stopped and the track started to dry rather
quickly. During warm-up Remy Muller asked for a 5-minute delay. Together with a new
warming-up we had 8 minutes and decided to change the setup for more dry conditions
My dad (my mechanic) and I started to work very hard and changed set up and tires and also mounted an other engine in less than 7 minutes (thanks for making this easy on the NT1).

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By the time we got back to the track there were only a few seconds left to get to the start grid. After the start I lost some time because of my decision to run a dry condition setup. After 4 minutes I was almost 2 laps behind the leader. But my lap times went down very fast. After 8 minutes I took the lead and it was clear that I was the only driver with a fast engine and a setup for dry conditions. After 20 minutes I finished a magic 9 laps ahead of Ruud Schuitemaker who took 2nd place. After all everything worked out well and I was happy with the result that brought me the first place in the Dutch Nationals after 2 rounds.

Final results round 2 :

1. Maarten van Lierop XRAY NT1
2. Ruud Schuitemaker
3. Bas Geurds
4. Fedor Eskens
5. Ruben d’Arco XRAY NT1