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Race report by Didi click to enlarge
Didi's XRAY T2'007
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The first first Indonesian National series for 1/10 EP modified in rubber and foam tires was held on May 20, with 34 drivers in total for both classes. The race was held at the 1/8 scale super track in BSD city area. With its long and wide track, many cars struggle with run time, blown speed controls or burned comms.

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Toto's XRAY T2'007 with brushless
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Didi Kartanegara, a long-time Team XRAY driver in Jakarta, Indonesia came back to the RC scene with two XRAY T2'007 cars powered with 7T & 8T flatwire Trinity Cobalt motors. He ran both foam and rubber modified classes. His teammate Yung Yung who used to run a Yokomo car has now switched to the T2'007 and showed great racing skills by taking TQ spot in rubber, while Didi took TQ in foam and second grid in rubber. Toto, a long-time XRAY enthusiast, took third position on the grid for rubber.

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Unfortunately the weather was not cooperative and it was raining lightly right before the mains. Racers and organizers decided to run the finals before the track became too wet. Right after the first leg of the A-final foam tire, the rain poured heavily and the organizer had to void the result for the final, and therefore the results from the qualifications counted.

Modified Foam results:
1. Didi Kartanegara XRAY T2'007
2. Chester
3. Fredy XRAY T2'007
4. Bowie XRAY T1FK05
5. Chandra XRAY T2

6. Ronald
7. Miolo
8. Tommy XRAY T2'007
9. Johnny
10. Toto Kastawinata XRAY T2'007

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Didi, Yung, Toto & Jason
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Based on qualifications, XRAY swept the podium for Modified Rubber 1,2,3 :

1. Yung Yung XRAY T2'007
2. Didi Kartanegara XRAY T2'007
3. Toto Kastawinata XRAY T2'007

4. Imam Lianto
5. Mico
6. Yuna
7. Handry
8. Anthony
9. Jonathan
10. Jason

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Yung's XRAY T2'007
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Even though it was not the most satisfying way to win, from the qualification results the XRAY T2'007 proved to be fastest in every class. Didi and Yung Yung were running on average 17.3 second or about 0.5 second faster than other competitors. In foam Didi took TQ with over 7sec lead from the second position, and an average of 0.4 sec faster than others. We were confident that even if the finals were run, we would have outrun the competitors.

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One interesting note was to see young talented 14yo XRAY driver Bowie who could compete with his senior by driving an original XRAY T2. His best lap was only 0.05 sec slower than Didi’s. We will see more of Team XRAY Indonesia in the next few months.