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The Singapore Local 1/8 GP Off-Road Race attracted many locals in the RC arena to pit their skills against each other. There were 53 buggy drivers and 15 truggy drivers altogether. The track and weather were in excellent condition as their track was dry and smooth while the weather was hot. Perfect to have a race day! There were many XRAY drivers from Singapore that were there to win the competition: Sam Cheng, Chester Chua, Glenn Phuah, Mok JY, Luigi Venturi, Razif, Michael Tan, Rashid, Xiong and Sufian.

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Glenn’s Car Speeding Off
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There were 7 heats altogether; 1 for truggies and 6 for buggies. In each heat there were 3 qualifying rounds for buggies and 2 qualifying rounds for truggies. After the qualifying rounds, we went straight into the finals in different categories (A-Main Final to E-Main Final) for the buggies.

During the qualifying rounds, Chester Chua and Glenn Phuah did very well and they were clocking the best times at the track, with Sam Cheng close behind them. The consistency during the race proved worthwhile for the XRAY drivers as Chester Chua, Glenn Phuah and Sam Cheng qualified for the A-Main Final, while Mok JY, Luigi Venturi and Razif were in the B-Main Final. The rest of the XRAY drivers also qualified for the D-Main Final and E-Main Final, respectively. Chester Chua emerged as the Top Qualifier (TQ) for the race.

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Long Straight!
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The finals for the A-Main and B-Main were very exciting! In B-Main, Mok JY and Luigi drove their buggy with precision to emerge in 2nd and 3rd place for the B‑Main Final. Both of them gave their best to outwit other drivers.

In the A-Main Final, It was a great fight between the four racers: 3 XRAY and 1 HN. They were neck-to-neck as they took turns to lead during the race, and they were well ahead before the other drivers managed to get their momentum, with the Hong Nor driver close behind. Sam Cheng suffered an engine flame-out before the first refill. Glenn, Chester and Ah M were battling until the end. It was Glenn Phua who took the A-Main Final with Ah M getting 2nd place Chester Chua clinched the 3rd place after the 45min A-Main Final.

A-Main Final Results

1. Glenn Phuah – XRAY XB8EC
2. Ah M
3. Chester Chua – XRAY XB8EC
4. Danny Teh
5. Ben Seet
6. Chris Sze
7. Philip Lee
8. Sam Cheng – XRAY XB8EC
9. Joe Hwee
10. CH Tay

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A-Main Top 3. From left to right: Ah M (3rd) , Glenn Phuah (1st), Chester Chua (3rd)
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Overall, the XRAY drivers did their best in this race.

We would like to thank the organizers for putting up a good race. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we are looking forward for next race!

B-Main Final Results

1. Alvin Sim
2. Mok JY – XRAY XB8EC
3. Luigi Venturi – XRAY XB8EC

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B-Main Winners: From left to right: Luigi Venturi (3rd) , Mok JY (2nd)
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