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Race report by Martin Lissau
Friday there was free practice and already the car shows very good performance. The engine was new so we had to adjust it.

The qualification started on Saturday and the engine started to make some small problems for me; it was hard to adjust and it changed all the time, so we started changing some small things to find the problem. First we changed the exhaust, but that was not the problem. We worked on it to the last qualification, and the engine started to work. I qualified second.

The first four after qualification were:

1. Jimmy Bigum
2. Martin Lissau NT1
3. Martin N.O Hansen
4. Jesper Hoyer

On final day Sunday, three XRAY drivers showed up for this race. I was already in the final, so the two others had to run in the semi and both of them got into the A final. So all three XRAY cars were in the top 10.

The final was very good for me and my XRAY NT1 just kept getting better and better during the final. Unfortunately, Jimmy had some engine problems and did not do well in the final.

Final results:
1. Martin Lissau XRAY NT1
2. Jesper Hoyer
3. Dennis Hassing
4. Bent Poulsen
5. Martin N.O Hansen
6. Claus Ryeskov XRAY NT1
7. Martin N. Andersen XRAY NT1

8. Nikolaj Hviid
9. Mads Merrild
10. Jimmy Bigum

I would like to thank NMRC for this race.

Martin Lissau

Martin Lissau Set-up sheet.