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XRAY drivers: Jassie, Riad, Suah, Emeel
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The Citrarasa Race in Titiwangsa was sponsored by the Visit Malaysia 2007 Municipal of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and was managed by a local hobby shop Mizan Hobby. The weather was awesome – bright and sunny all day long. It had been raining consistently for the past several days, but fortunately Mother Nature was on our side on race day. The track layout that day was the ‶Kampong Layout.※ The event was a success with about 70 participants from Malaysia and Singapore.

This event was the race debut of the XRAY NT1 in Malaysia. Four NT1 cars arrived in time to participate in the race; fortunately the four of us managed to complete the car for the upcoming event with a 1-day period for testing before the race started. The four pilots were Emeel, Riad, Yap and Suah. Riad, Yap, and Suah went into the ‶A※main and Emeel went into the ‶C※ because of engine problems. I believe he will find his way to settle it in his next race.

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Riad – who had many times qualified in the A Finals but had never made it as champion – has finally broken the spell by winning the event with his brand new NT1. This was a surprise because there were many top drivers also competing in the race. He is very happy with his NT1 as it gave him confidence with its handling and reliability. Well done! to Mr. Riad /NT1 and congratulations on your win.

An unlucky Mr. Yap had an accident which caused his shocks to pop out and bent his hinge pin but he managed to finish the race.

Suah had a good start with his qualifying 7th position and managed to catch up to 4th position after 30minutes, unfortunately after 30 minutes he had an unlucky accident that snapped all his tuned pipe springs. That ended his run finishing 10th.

Final results:
1. Riad - XRAY NT1
2. Badrul
3. Ojoy
4. Chua
5. Zul Yazid
6. Baha
7. Zairul
8. Azri
9. Yap - XRAY NT1
10. Suah - XRAY NT1

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winner - XRAY driver Riad
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