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We arrived to the track on Friday around noontime and let the car run loose around the fantastic track of the club ADCAZ in Zaragoza. At the beginning there was not a lot of grip but I decided maintain my setup, trusting that the grip would appear. During the practice we achieved fast lap times and a consistent car, so I went to the hotel very happy with the performance of my XRYA NT1 and Orion engine.

The qualifiers started on Saturday. After the controlled practice round I reached the first position, so I focused my attention on tyre preparation; the setup of the car was fine. After the five qualification rounds I ended up in 2nd position behind Darren Johnson and I directly entered the main final together with TecroTec drivers Víctor Peláez and Carlos Agüero. The performance of my XRAY NT1 was perfect.

During the final, I overtook Darren in the first corner due to the amazing combination of traction, clutch setup and engine performance. For the final I fought hard with Darren - with continuous lead changes -followed by Peláez and Agüero. Until the third quarter of the final, the battle between me and Darren was incredible, with the applause of the people filling the race. Finally Darren had a technical problem and I took the lead until the end of the race, controlling the distance to Agüero at 15 seconds and winning a fantastic race.

Final podium finish:

1. Johnny Pastor - XRAY NT1
2. Carlos Aguero
3. Oscar Romero

Congratulations go to TecroTec for organizing this original race including technical talks and top driver assistance.

Johny Pastor