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A beautiful sunny and hot day! Round 2 of the 2007 Paranaense Championship was held at the S.T.A.R. track where XRAY TEAM BRASIL chose to debut the new XRAY NT1. We know that Fabiano Franco is an excellent driver but he only raced with electric cars… until now. He now had the challenge to drive his first nitro touring car for more than 5 minutes.

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We also had our electric race of Modified class so he would drive in two different classes. The Modified class was very fast and all drivers were getting some amazing lap times. They beat the nitro lap times by 0.450 seconds.

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Jonas Ferstemberg
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Let’s talk first about the Modified Class.

Qualifying was very challenging for everyone, and the results were:

1. Otávio Langowski
2. Fabiano Franco XRAY T2
3. Flávio Salinet XRAY T2’007

4. Nicolas Salmini
5. Lincoln Almeida
6. Jorge Salmini
7. Jonas Ferstemberg XRAY T2’007
8. Hamilton Jr
9. Luiz Gonzaga
10. Marcos Dimira XRAY T2’007
11. Clarel Castilhos
12. Hamilton Neto XRAY T2’007
13. André Ortega

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Flavio and Mr.Bento
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The race format was 5 heats but in A and B groups; the best drivers run in group A and the others in group B. 1st in A got 10pts, 2nd got 9pts……. 10th got 1pt. In group B, 1st got 9.5pts, 2nd got 8.5pts…… 10th got 0.5p. This round was a pre-Nationals because we will have our Brazilian Nationals of Modified class on July 1st at this same track.

After 5 heats the results were:

1. Flavio Salinet – XRAY T2’007
2. Otávio Langowski
3. Jonas Ferstemberg – XRAY T2’007
4. Fabiano Franco – XRAY T2’007

5. Nicolas Salmini
6. Lincoln Almeida
7. Luiz Gonzaga
8. André Ortega
9. Jorge Salmini
10. Hamilton Neto – XRAY T2’007
11. Clarel Castilhos
12. Marcos Dimira – XRAY T2’007
13. Hamilton Jr

Flavio Salinet Set-up sheet.

1/10 nitro race click to enlarge
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Everyone was waiting for the first race of NT1. We from XRAY TEAM BRASIL decided to race with an original kit with basic set-up to let everyone see what the NT1 could do. With a basic set-up the car was really good and we only change tires that were 42sh front / rear… front 63mm. rear 65mm.

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Fabiano Franco was very happy with the NT1’s performance. We used the qualifying to tune and practice. The qualifying results were:

1. Gabriel Brito
2. Kenedi Quequi
3. Felipe Stuani
4. Emerson Mendes
5. Edson Gomez
6. Marcos Silva
7. Edson Lima
8. Alexandre Hirata
9. Vitor Ohta
10. Fabiano Franco – XRAY NT1
11. Jonas Ferstemberg – XRAY NT1

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Fabiano Franco
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Fabiano Franco and Jonas Ferstemberg used a basic set-up and used qualifying to practice. They wanted to be in final in any place, but mostly in TQ of course.They want to get more practice with Nitro cars.

Everyone saw that the NT1 was a very balanced car with top performance in the corners. After the start of the final, Fabiano Franco started in 10th place and kept passing people until he got into 4th place. Then with very careful driving he got into 3rd place. His driving and his pitman did a very good job, forming an excellent team that gave the XRAY NT1 its first podium in Brazil with an excellent 2nd place with a original kit and basic set-up.

The final results for 1/10 200mm class were:

1. Gabriel Brito
2- Fabiano Franco - XRAY NT1
3. Kenedi Quequi
4. Alexandre Hirata
5. Marcos Silva
6. Edson Lima
7. Vitor Ohta
8. Felipe Stuani
9. Emerson Mendes
10. Jonas Ferstemberg XRAY NT1

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Mr. Anderson Bento from Max Racing — the new distributor of XRAY for Brazil — was there to see the debut of the XRAY NT1 and also saw the winning race of Flavio Salinet in the Modified class.

We would like to give thank for the support of FS MODELSPORT who sponsored Fabiano Franco and thank XRAY who gave us a very easy-to-drive and balanced nitro touring car kit.

Fabiano’s set-up everyone receive with their kit - Basic Set-up.