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On the week end of June 23/24 we raced the second round of the Italian Nationals, this time racing on the twisty and technical track of the Laurenzia Club in Florence. Very good weather welcomed all the racers and it was soon clear that we had to face very hot track conditions.

Team XRAY was represented in force as always with me, Michele Romagnoli, Marco Gennari, Guido Barbera, Dario Feni racing in Expert class, and some other very good drivers in Senior and Junior 27T.

The hot track conditions made it very challenging to find a good setup.
After the qualifications it was Michele Romagnoli who claimed the Pole
Position ahead of HB driver Cristian Costanzo and Corally driver Federico
Sala, but all the top 6 drivers had very close times in the qualifications
so a very close battle was expected. And so it was.

The first final saw Michele Romagnoli win ahead of me and Sala. The second final was again a win by Romagnoli who claimed the overall victory of the event) ahead of Guido Barbera and myself who came in 3rd after starting in 6th place. For the last final is was Sala, Barbera and I battling for the runner-up positions, and we ended with Sala in 2nd , Barbera in 3rd , and me in 6th. Romagnoli also claimed this final for a total domination of the event.

So after the combined points of the three finals here were the results in Expert class:

1 Romagnoli Michele XRAY T2'007
2 Sala Federico
3 Barbera Guido XRAY T2'007
4 de Liguori Giuseppe XRAY T2'007

5 Doveri Marco
6 Marletta Daniele
7 Feni Dario XRAY T2'007
8 Simari Andrea
9 Costanzo Christian
10 Menicucci Alessio

In Senior class, XRAY was again successful with very good driving from the

1 Pasquini Paolo XRAY T2'007
2 Montelatici Leandro
3 Cantoni Claudio

The Junior class was won by an XRAY driver. the other Romagnoli brother:

1 Romagnoli Samuele XRAY T2'007
2 Salce Alessandro
3 Dori Francesco