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Race report by Paul Lemieux
The third round of the Midwest series was held in Canton Mi a suburb of Detroit, and the race was once again a success, the NT1 continued its domination of the 200mm class in the Midwest series with placing 6 out of 8 cars in the final.

Saturday: as practice begun it was clear that this race would be a challenge do to the track and the competition. My car was good early in practice so all of the team began to follow some of the settings that was on my car. I started with the set-up from round 2 in Oh and only made a few slight changes for this track. The one thing that I liked a lot for this flowing high speed track was taking shims out of the rear link, I went from having as much as 4mm down to 0mm on the rear hub and settled on 2mm, I think that the car had more steering with 4mm but 2mm was a good compromise between too much steering and easy to drive but still carved the high speed corners. Qualifying started with me and Bobby flack really setting the pace for each other, and by the end of qualifying Tom Esposito and Chris Doseck really got up to speed.

Sunday: after the 4th round of qualifying was over the grid looked like this.

1 TQ Paul Lemieux XRAY NT1
2 Bobby Flack XRAY NT1
3 Tom Espisito XRAY NT1
4 Chris Doseck XRAY NT1
5 Mark Rodney XRAY NT1

6 Ira schultz
7 Ben Puterbaugh
8 Goop XRAY NT1

Mains: The mains were set and from the tone it was myself and Bobby Flack battling it out for the first few laps, with Chris in third and Tom in toe. Very soon into the 30min final I had a glow plug go bad and after missing 4 laps got back on the track. The race was now being lead by Bobby Flack who also had an issue which caused him to miss some amount to time in the pits, as I begun to work my way back threw the field from last it was Chris Doseck in the lead with Bobby Flack beginning to close and Goop all the way from 8th on the grid running third as Tom Espisito also had problems. I was able to run very fast for the rest of the final and make up a couple of laps to get past Goop in the last 5 minutes or so as Chris had a 1 lap lead over me and Bobby had a nice lead over Chris at the end.

In the end it was a XRAY sweep taking the top six spots in the main.

1 Bobby Flack XRAY NT1
2 Chris Doseck XRAY NT1
3 Paul Lemieux XRAY NT1
4 Goop XRAY NT1
5 Mark Rodney XRAY NT1
6 Tom Espisito XRAY NT1

7 Ira Schultz
8 Ben Puterbaugh

I would like to thank every one at the Midwest series for an another great race, round 4 is coming up in Racine WI July 21, and 22. hope top see you their.

Paul Lemieux