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Race report by Manuel Huber
In Austria we have the following racing procedure: Qualify, Half-Final (20min), Final (30min), but every driver MUST run in the half-final after qualifying in the TOP-Class Nitro 200mm. In the TOP Class there is a maximum of 20 drivers, so the rest must run in the SPORT – Class.

The weather was perfect, but the track was bumpy with medium-grip conditions. After 3 rounds of qualifying I took the TQ with a fantastic new track record. Before we started the half-final we checked the engine (MAX-Power) and discovered that the big ball-bearing was bad. So we changed to another MAX-Power engine which was only just broken in and not perfect adjusted. I started from pole in the half-final A and won without problem; the car worked perfectly, the engine was a little bit too rich, but this time luck was with me. I was the fastest from the two half-finals and so started from pole position in the final. We all have to use very big tires, because of the rough track. In the 3min before the start I tried to push to see how the car works with big tires and it was absolutely perfect. No rolling and very easy to drive. So I started with a very good feeling, took the lead, and after 5 corners I came onto the straight. I tried to see how far behind the other drivers were behind me. At this time I came onto a dirty part of the track and my car went out of my control and landed into grass near the track. All drivers passed me, putting me in 10th. So then I started an indescribable push through the field, driving as hard as possible. After 5min I got closer to the leader (Domaschko/Serpent) and he made some mistakes and went out of the race. Now I was the new leader and must reduce my speed because of the tires. In the last 10 min of the race the feeling was not good, it seemed that there was no rubber on the wheels. But I was around 3 laps ahead of Singer/XRAY at that point, so I reduced my speed a little bit more. I won with 2 laps ahead of 2nd place!

Final results:
1. HUBER Manuel XRAY NT1

3. KLAUSNER Michael
4. ERNST Horst-Reinhardt XRAY NT1
5. SCHEIDL Christian
7. KANDLHART Gerhard
10.JELINEK Mario

Many thanks to XRAY & HUDY !

Manuel Huber