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The Dalton Touring Masters (DTM) Cup hosted by Team Serpent International has been successfully held in Jakarta Indonesia for 4 consecutive years. This year we had approximately 80 drivers in the race. Top drivers from across Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, HongKong, Taiwan and Sweden also participated in this year’s DTM Cup 2007.

The DTM is a 2-day event. Oversea drivers arrived 2–3 days in advance for their practice session. Weather conditions were excellent which resulted in successful practice and race conditions.


Four rounds of qualification were run. The track traction was good and faster lap times emerged as the qualifying run progressed. At the end of the qualifying rounds, three NT1 drivers (Sadikin Sutrisno, Danny Izwahyudi, Meen Vejrak) advanced to the Grand Final A, and Sadikin secured the TQ position. The track lap record time was also broken by Sadikin, improving upon the previous record by 3sec. We had an impressive eight NT1 cars in the B main final.

A Final qualifiers:

1) Sadikin Sutrisno - Indonesia XRAY NT1
2) Suruth V Thailand
3) Kris Herianna Indonesia
4) Azri Amri Malaysia
5) Teddy Syach Indonesia
6) Danny Izwahyudi - Indonesia XRAY NT1
7) Meen Vejrak - Thailand XRAY NT1

8) Fayakhun - Indonesia
9) Charlee Phutyotini - Thailand
10)Per Ola Hard - Sweden

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Main Final Races
Let me skip directly to the 3 top Finals.

C Final
In the C Final, first qualifier (and NT1 driver) Linardi cruised home with ease to finish first, leaving the 2nd place finisher 3 laps behind.

B Final
The B Final was the most exciting final to watch as there were eight NT1 drivers from all over Asia. In the 30min B final, Nick Kwan (who is also one of the fastest NT1 drivers in Singapore) started in 10th but carved through the pack into 1st place by the 15min mark. He was leading throughout the race and when he had technical problem in the last 3 minutes of the race, he only dropped to a 5th final position. Quite an impressive driving style! Yung Yung, in his first outing with his NT1, set his personal best record time which was also the fastest lap time in the B Final. He was very impressed and happy with the performance of his NT1.

The B Final top three finishers were all XRAY: Leung Wing Wah from Hong Kong (1st), M.Shah from Malaysia (2nd), and Tsang Yiu Wah from Hong Kong (3rd).

A Main
The 45min A Final started with Sadikin leading the pack. Sadikin later flamed out at around the 4min 30sec mark, pushing him back to 8th place. He was able to get back into 1st place after 20 minutes... but then he ran out of fuel again at the 25min mark! From the back of the pack he had to chase everyone down again, and finally crossed the finish line in 1st place only 4sec ahead of 2nd place. Danny Izwahyudi started the race on an impressive pace, but unfortunately he had to retire due to a broken antenna & electronics glitches. Meen Vejrak from Thailand also had to retire from the race.

A Main Final Result:
1) Sadikin Sutrisno XRAY NT1
2) Per Ola Hard
3) Suruth V.
4) Teddy Syach
5) Fayakhun
6) Azri Amri
7) Charlee Phutyotini
8) Kris Heriana
9) Danny Izwahyudi XRAY NT1
10) Meen Vejrak XRAY NT1

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The participants of this race showed that the number of XRAY cars has increased rapidly compared to the last big event (FEMCA 2007) a few months ago. All XRAY NT1 drivers are very satisfied with their cars’ performance and reliability, and the NT1 is very popular in Indonesia right now.

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Sadikin Sutrisno Winning Set-up sheet.