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It was beautiful weather for the whole weekend for this part of France when a group of elite drivers met after the EC of Madrid.

The free practice on Friday gave everyone time to try out different settings for the chassis and engines, to wring the best performances from them. Qualifiers were on Saturday and so began the fight for pole position In Elite, it was Mr. Pontal who took the TQ position ahead of B. Concialdi, S Wartelle, T. Desmaries, and J.Mouton.

Elite category
The race length was 30min and some incidents occurred on the first few laps, with Basile Concialdi taking a "stop and go." Jacky Mouton also has a delay. Mickaël Pontal assumes the lead and does not relinquish it, assuming a comfortable lead on his attackers. The battle for other positions is intense between Thomas Desmareie, Renaud Monin, Concialdi Basile and Arnaud Soulignac. Renaud Monin got a technical problem and saw his chances of podium finish vanish. Soulignac Arnaud goes for a tire change and manages to finish in 4th while Basile Concialdi is practically on rim and takes 3rd third place just behind Thomas Desmarie.

Final results:

1. Mickael Pontal
2. Thomas Desmaries
3. Basile Concialdi XRAY NT1
4. Arnaud Soulignac
5. Sebastien Wartelle
6. Mathieu Wullyamoz
7. Jacky Mouton
8. Thomas Eytard
9. Renaud Monin
10. Steve Olanier

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Podium Elite
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Basile Concialdi, 3rd place in Elite, is more and more successful with his XRAY NT1. It is a pity that a ‶stop and go※ penalty made him lose a little of time in the beginning of the main final. Basile is only improving his progress since the beginning of season.

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Basile Concialdi, 3rd place
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