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The final round of the Portuguese National Championship was held on the weekend of September 8/9 at the Maia track in the northern part of the country.

The race was attended by 46 drivers with the following cars:

· Team Magic G4 - 6
· Kyosho - 6
· XRAY NT1 - 5
· Serpent - 13
· Mugen - 16

Not only was all of Team XRAY in the final, but we also placed 1st and 2nd. In the final Championship standings, for the first year we had the entire team in the Top 10! It's a brand new track with an unfamiliar layout where the difficult part is a "killer" chicane in front of the rostrum.

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Jaime Silva
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After all 3 heats the XRAY NT1 team drivers had the following standing:

1. Bruno Coelho
2. José Pequito XRAY NT1
3. Filipe Costa
4. Joao Malveiro
5. Miguel Matias
6. Ricardo Nogueira
7. Jaime Silva XRAY NT1
8. Pedro Silva
9. AntĂłnio Teixeira
10. Paulo Barroso
11. Ricardo Mendes
12. Guilherme Gonçalves XRAY NT1

Other XRAY NT1 Drivers finished as such:

27. Mário Coelho XRAY NT1
35. Fernando Henriques XRAY NT1

Team drivers José Pequito and Jaime Silva were directly in the semi-final, and Guilherme Gonçalves had to make 1/4 finals. Pequito won his semi-final with Guilherme in 4th position, so both went into the Final. Jaime Silva finished 2nd in his semi-final and also made it into the Final.

During the Final, José Pequito dominated for the entire race and Jaime came in 2nd place. Guilherme flipped his car upside down and had an engine stoppage, dropping him to 7th place.

Final results of this Round:

1. José Pequito XRAY NT1
2. Jaime Silva XRAY NT1

3. Joao Malveiro
4. Bruno Coelho
5. Pedro Silva
6. Joao B.Inacio
7. Guilherme Gonçalves XRAY NT1
8. Filipe Costa
9. Ricardo Nogueira
10. AntĂłnio Teixeira

18. Fernando Henriques XRAY NT1
25. Mário Coelho XRAY NT1

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Jose Pequito
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National Championship standing:

1. Joao Malveiro
2. Bruno Coelho
3. Filipe Costa
4. José Pequito - XRAY NT1
5. Ricardo Nogueira
6. Guilherme Gonçalves - XRAY NT1
7. Pedro Silva
8. Jaime Silva - XRAY NT1
9. Joao B. Inácio
10. Ricardo Mendes

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Guilherme Gonçalves
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