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At the age of just 13, Manuel Singer's dream of becoming a National Champion has come true with a consistently impressive performance over the past year with his XRAY NT1 - he can now call himself Austria's youngest National Champion.

"Of course, I was only able to turn my dream into reality with the best support," said Manuel. "I had an excellent foundation. My father Gerold is my mechanic, strategy advisor and manager, and deserves a title himself, Horst Reinhardt Ernst is an excellent team partner as are the entire Actionline team, and - last but not least - Gerhard Binder, whose support we have been able to count on for several years now. Thank you everyone!"

This year, the showdown began in Amstetten with mixed feelings, particularly when Friday's forecast wasconsidered. There were torrential downpours, a flooded site and a few reliable members, some of whom attempted to control the volume of water, while others tried at least to keep up spirits in the paddock. The points made it clear, however, that only Manuel Singer and Gerhard Kandelhart could battle for the title, but several others also displayed a high level of commitment. On Saturday, the river Url was once again under the high water mark, but it continued to rain and the track never really dried off properly. Horst Reinhardt Ernst and Werner Spanbruckner lived up to their titles as "rain gods," performing one lap after another almost non-stop, and testing various filters and tyres in the search for the right line in both damp and wet conditions.

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Manuel Singer & his father
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Horst Reinhardt Ernst: "Unfortunately, I had glow plug problems in the semi-final (a common problem this year) and that was the end for me. I would have enjoyed racing up front in the final!"

Kandi, Scheidl, Manuel Singer and Spani performed equally as well in the heats as Manuel Huber, who secured pole position.

This was how the frontrunners in the final looked, but it was almost over for Kandi before it even began. He countered a spin off the track and engine flameout with a very fast drive, but it was only enough to gain him a place in the rankings. Manuel Huber easily led the race from start to finish. With a more constant and brisk driving style, Scheidl proved himself a force to be reckoned with in the future. Manuel Singer had fun pushing the NT1 to its limits once again, driving into 3rd place, thus securing him the title. Spani was quick but pit stops meant he also lost his chances.

Peter Seckl/Xray-NT1 won the Sport category. So, we all know the end results:

1. Manuel Singer XRAY NT1
2. Manuel Huber XRAY NT1

3. Gerhard Kandelhart

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With his seventh place, Horst Reinhardt Ernst rounded off Team XRAY's excellent overall performance in his category. The XRAY drivers also achieved good results in the Sport category final ranking, with Martin Pittner in 3rd place overall, Peter Seckl (which means that both will be driving in the Top category next year) and Dostal Rudi in 9th position.

Gerhard Binder: "This has also showcased XRAY NT1 in Austria to best effect as a new presence ...and we are already looking forward to next season!"

Horst Reinhardt Ernst