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Flash news:
Dirk Wischnewski dominates the qualification race for the Season 2008. After setting the TQ in the qualifiers it was again Dirk Wischnewski who lead the final and won after the 30 minutes.


1. Dirk Wischnewski XRAY NT1
2. Bertram Kessler XRAY NT1
3. Patrick Garbi XRAY NT1

4. Jens Schmidt
5. Christof Weber XRAY NT1
6. Thorsten Thimm
7. Jan Richter XRAY NT1
8. Alexander Mehl
9. Stefan Hanauer
10. Sebastian Kunz

Dirk has used the same setup like at the German Championship.

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Dirk Wischnewski NT1 after final
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Bertram Kessler NT1 after final
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Patrick Garbi NT1 after final
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