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Here is a report from last race held on September 16, 2007 for the Clubrennen Morac-Graz offen 2007.

The race stared at 9:00AM. There was very little grip at the start because the track was all wet. For the first qualification I chose 35shore tyres all around...not good. In the second qualification I put on 37sh in tyres front and 40sh at the rear... the car was glued to the track! I drove using the default set-up and no option parts. The result is a model car with very good handling but it is definitely possible to get more.

Positions after qualifications:

1. Svoljsak Borut XRAY NT1
2. Ploj Luka
3. Purgaj Ales
4. Pompe Dali
5. Marcic Nejc
6. Knehtl Vladimir

After lunch we started the finals.

I put new 65mm tyres on model (37sh front and 40sh rear) all around. For the first 5 minutes I was in 1st place. In the pit line my mechanic was a little bit slower than Lukas... and because we drive together to refill fuel he took first place. So I was hunting him for the next 25 minutes. His mechanic was 8 seconds faster in the pits than my mechanic. A few laps before end of the race I took over the lead. It was very close racing the whole time.

Final positions after the race:

1. Svoljsak Borut XRAY NT1
2. Ploj Luka
3. Knehtl Vladimir
4. Marcic Nejc
5. Purgaj Ales
6. Pompe Dali

To prove the truth of a very good handling car, I can hardly wait for the next race.

Svoljsak Borut