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Main Final – Elite category
It was a very good start with the leader being Arnaud Chaussard, followed by Sebastien Wartelle, Mickael Pontal, Basile Concialdi (XRAY NT1). A mistake by the leader made him lose valuable seconds and put him back to 4th place. Sebastien Wartelle took the lead and was very fast, initially resisting the attacks by Basile Concialdi whose pit stops and exits were ‶as fast as Schumacher’s※, but Concialdi became race leader at halftime. Polesitter Arnaud Chaussard, benefiting from 6min refueling strategy, was in 3rd place just behind Sebastien Wartelle. Basile Concialdi, leader with some seconds gap, got ready to savor his first national victory with the XRAY NT1 but the car ran out of fuel just 20 seconds before the end! Sebastien Wartelle won the race, followed by Arnaud Chaussard and by Arnaud Soulignac. Note the performance of Cyril N' Daye, 2007 French Touring Champion with XRAY T2’007, finished 6th in his second race with the XRAY NT1.

1. Sebastien Wartelle
2. Arnaud Chaussard
3. Arnaud Soulignac
4. Basile Concialdi XRAY NT1
5. Mathias Kalaris
6. Cyril N' Daye XRAY NT1
7. Joeffry Defie
8. Thomas Desmaries
9. Michael Derderian
10. Mickael Pontal

Photos from www.yome3000.com

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Start of the Elite final
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Basile being congratulated by RĂ©mi Couchon & GĂ©rard Roch
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Aurelien Trehout with his XRAY NT1 at the last round of French Championship
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