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At last the indoor season has started with round 1 of the Norwegian National Cup, held on October 13/14. Classes included 1:10 Touring Modified and 1:10 Touring 19T Spec. In tradition, the season kicked of at Radisson SAS hotel in Beitostolen. Normally this is a ski resort, with beautiful nature and lots of tourist, but this weekend was reserved for racing and social gathering. This year, the skilled drivers left the 19T Spec class for the Modified class, so there was no favourite for this race.

19T Spec
After qualifying, Knut E. Enger was TQ with his XRAY, Petter Berntsen was 2nd, and Kingsnake Borgevad was 3rd. It was an impressive battle between generations… Knut is 53 years old and Petter is 13 years old!

In the finals, Petter showed great driving skills and won the first two finals, thus securing the win. But the battle for 2nd and 3rd was not over. In the last final, Knut showed his skill and secured the win, taking home 2nd place.

1. Petter Berntsen
2. Knut Enger XRAY T2
3. Kingsnake Borgevad
4. Rune ※I got lucky※ Berget XRAY T2'007
5. Robert Kay XRAY T2'007
6. Andreas Bull Freng XRAY T2'007
7. Erik Ottervik XRAY T2'007

8. Leif Tore Stensrod
9. Knut Kare Holt
10. Espen Myhre XRAY T2'007

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In the Modified class, I tried my car with the same setup as in the Indoor National Championship last year. It worked great, with easy handling and fast corner speed. My new LRP brushless system and batteries were perfect. I only made small adjustments with the tire additive.

As always, everyone thought the battle would be between Eirik Andreassen and me, but both Georg Ellingsen and Adrian Berntsen wanted this one.

In qualifying, I took TQ in the last round after a lot of bad driving and crashing in the first two. Eirik was 2nd and Georg was 3rd.

We all had a clean start in the first final, and there was only 1m between me in front, Eirik in 2nd and Georg on 3rd. I pushed my limits to open a gap between Eirik and myself, and in all three finals he made a mistake or crashed on the second lap. And on top it all off, Eirik lost time in the first final, when he was marshalling very late. This made it an easy win, with Georg in 2nd and Adrian in 3rd.

1. Helge Johannesen XRAY T2'008
2. Georg Ellingsen XRAY T2'007

3. Adrian Berntsen
4. Eirik Andreassen
5. Roger Berntsen
6. Robin Simonsen Nordlie XRAY T2'007
7. Goran Langsholt
8. Christer Antonsen
9. Jon Age Olsen
10. John Lara

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Helge Johannesen Set-up sheet.

Knut Enger Set-up sheet.