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Midwest Series Final Report
Race report by Paul Lemieux

The sixth and final race of the Midwest series was held in Toledo, Ohio. Even with this being the final race of the series, the 1/10th scale points title was still up for grabs, so tensions were high. In attendance from Team XRAY were Chris Doseck, Tom Esposito, and myself.

Saturday morning practice started and everyone was getting dialed in. The Toledo track hosted the Great Lakes Challenge just 1month earlier so I was confident that my setup from that race would still be good, so that is where I started and changed very little from there.

There were three rounds of qualifying on Saturday, after three rounds it was Andy Powers who got TQ for the day with me in 2nd and Chris in 3rd, with Tom struggling a bit. I was very confident in the speed of my car but was just too timid to lean out my motor to make runtime.

The schedule for Sunday was 1more round of qualifying in the morning followed by the 30min finals. In the last qualifier it was Chris and I at the front on runs that would put us 1-2 on the grid but in the last lap Chris ran out of gas so the final qualifying order was myself followed by Andy Powers, and Chris Doseck in the third spot.


Things got interesting with Chris qualifying in 3rd due to fuel mileage problems. This opened the door for me to possibly win the overall championship with a win in the main. The tone went off and Andy Powers and I lead the field. After getting settled in after a lap I started to stretch out a lead, and the battle for 2nd place heated up Andy and Chris. Chris made big improvements for the last qualifier and the main so he took over 2nd place and set his sights on me.

From there everything settled down a bit with me slipping away from Chris and him from Andy as well. Bad luck struck at the 20min mark when Chris had a run in with a marshal and his car flamed out... by the time he got back onto the track he had dropped all the way back to 5th with little time to charge back. This shook up the order now with Andy Powers running 2nd, Ira Schultz running 3rd, Tom Esposito 4th, and Chris in 5th. This is how we crossed the finish line, though Chris and Tom had a friendly battle in the last lap for 4th place.

In the 2007 season standings in the 10th scale class, XRAY (in its first season) finished 1st through 4th and an NT1 TQ'd and won all six races of the series.

I would like to thank Mark Unger and Brian Berry for their work on this series and also all of the venues that worked so hard to host an event. I know that I made a lot of new friends this series and I hope to see lots of new faces next year. See you all in spring.

XRAY would also like to thank our team and customers that supported the Midwest Series.

Goop: 4th in final MWS points

Tom Espisito & NT1: 3rd in final MWS points

Chris Doseck & NT1: 2nd in final MWS points

Paul Lemieux & NT1: MWS Champion