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Race report by Jesse Wu
The race Malaysia-Meleka Challenge race was organized by Meleka RC Club. Forty racers gathered to race on the small, technical track; weather was rainy in the morning, but dry in the afternoon. We arrived there on a Saturday afternoon. The track was very tight, bumpy and tire wear rate was very high. After a few runs, we decided to use both front & rear soft diffs.

On Sunday qualifying, I suffered some engine problem as a result, I could only qualify 9th. My teammate Barry did some fast lap-time, but due to back-markers it could only bring him to 4th in the A-Main.

Final: click to enlarge
Jesse Wu (from Singapore)
(click to enlarge)
We had 10 cars in the 45min final, but I had a bad start and was behind the pack. Barry was fighting for position until he made a mistake and his front driveshaft came out. But… he did make the fastest lap of the day with 14.175sec. After half way into the final, I managed to catch up with race leader Anthony Wee but with less than 1sec behind him my engine flamed out. That put me back to 3rd place. I managed to do some fast lap times and closed in on the 2nd place car, and then in the last 5 minutes I overtook the 2nd place car and finished the race that way.

A Main Final
1st - Anthony Wee
2nd - Jesse Wu XRAY NT1
3rd - Raymond Chan
4th - Hengster
5th - Vincent Tan
6th - PC Lai
7th - CH Tay
8th - Barry Ng XRAY NT1
9th - Albertino Sang
10th - Mizan