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The nice track in Somma Vesuviana - Napoli was the theatre last weekend for the 1st XRAY Challenge 2007 for 1:10 nitro on-road cars. Due to heavy rain on Saturday, all the racing was run on Sunday with two qualifing heats and finals. Almost 70 drivers raced in wet condition fighting for victory. Some Team XRAY drivers came to the event, including Antonio Pietroforte and Giorgio De Felici who ran only one complete qualifing round and got into the A-main with absolutely no experience on this track and only 15 minutes of open practice to learn the track and set up their cars!

A BIG THANKS from the XRAY staff to the organizer's team, with the wish to have even more luck next year (with weather conditions)!

Final results:
1. Raiola Carmine
2. Borrelli Ciro
3. Calce Domenico
4. Pietroforte Antonio
5. De Pasquale Antonio
6. Spiniello Mario
7. Salpietro Salvatore
8. De Felici Giorgio
9. Piersante Dante
10. Eboli Francesco

Peppe Manno (organizer), Fabio, Giorgio De Felici (team driver), Gennaro Sorrentino (organizer)