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XRAY NT1 drivers
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The Turf City 1/10 On-road Open Challenge (nitro) was held in Singapore with 35 drivers participating at the small, tight, technical track. Weather conditions were dry in the morning, but with rain in the afternoon.

James & Leslie

The weather was perfect in the morning for qualifying. After three rounds of 7min heats, the drivers were separated into A, B, C, and D-main finals. Six NT1 cars qualified in the A-Main final. Most of us were using the one-way in the front.

Ryan & Weng

Traction was very high in the 45min final. We had a good start except for a few of us who suffered traction roll problems. Local NT1 driver Leslie Tan (starting in position 2), was one of the ‶trouble free※ guys and was fighting for 1st place for the first 10 minutes. At the 20min mark, Leslie was leading. Then the bad weather came back and we were forced to stop the A-main final.

Tom Goh

Results A-Main Final:
1 Leslie Tan (XRAY NT1)
2 Andrew Chin
3 Nelson Lee
4 Zamil
5 James loke (XRAY NT1)
6 Jesse Wu (XRAY NT1)
7 Bay (XRAY NT1)
8 Tom Goh (XRAY NT1)
9 Don Ng (XRAY NT1)

10 Tay Wui Kiat

Leslie Tan - winner