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XRAY is thrilled to announce that RC superstar Brian Kinwald will be joining Team XRAY. Brian has won 2 World Championships, over 30 National titles, and many other big race wins in gas and electric classes. Brian will represent XRAY with the 1/10 electric touring car but mainly will focus on racing and development of the off-road line of the XRAY products. Brian’s extensive knowledge and experience with off-road cars will boost development and racing support at the off-road tracks.

Brian Kinwald will first get his hands on 1/8 off-road with the new XB8, and will be actively involved in testing together with the rest of the US team to fine-tune the set-up and all details of the new XB8 for the US tracks. He will afterwards be active on another new XRAY projects.

Brian said the following about the prospect of joining Team XRAY:

‶I have been doing R&D for numerous companies for over 15 years, and I have been watching XRAY for many years now. I truly believe they have a superior product; I have never seen such great craftsmanship and innovation in an RC company, and trust me I have ran and seen it all! Since I am now in a position to make a change, I am very happy to announce that I will be working and racing for them...I can't wait! It’s also very exciting to have the very best equipment, tools, and set-up accessories from HUDY which will ensure that all my XRAY cars will be perfectly dialled all the time※

Team XRAY is equally excited to welcome Brian on board, looks forward to a very bright future together with great race results and innovations, and wishes for the very best luck.