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Report by Adrian Berntsen
The third round of the Norwegian National cup was held in Tromsoe. The track was approximately 300m2 and had high grip and a fun layout.

The car was very easy to drive in practice, and had very good traction.

I won all the qualification rounds, and was fastest in the 3rd (last) one on Sunday morning. This gave me TQ ahead of Jon Aage Olsen(2nd) and Goran Langsholt (3rd).

I won all the 3 finals easily and got my first win in Norwegian National Cup in 2008.

Results Modified:
1. Adrian Berntsen R?seth, XRAY T2'008
2. Goran Langsholt
3. John Lara
4. Jon-Aage Olsen
5. Ole Christian Solli
6. Ivar Johansen, XRAY T2'007
7. Ronny Mikkelsen
8. Odd-Ivar Jensen
9. H?vard Pedersen
10. Ole Morten Hansen

Results 19T spec:
1. Markus Alvestad
2. Petter Chruickshank, XRAY FK
3. Svein Erik Pedersen
4. Tore Evanger
5. Robin Kristiansen, XRAY T2
6. Svein Raanes
7. Kristian Larsen
8. Espen Hansen Eiane, XRAY T2
9. John Anders Olsen, XRAY T2

10. Leif Tore Stensrod

Adrian Berntsen Winning Set-up sheet.