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XRAY is offering a free upgrade set of 34/20T pulleys for owners of T2'008 EU kits (both 5- and 6-cell versions). The replacement pulley set allows you to achieve a very low ratio for new stock brushless racing, and also resolves any belt wear issues. Newer batches of the T2'008 EU kit will include both 38/16T and 34/20T pulley sets.

The set of pulleys includes:
- rear ball diff 34T pulley (1pcs)
- front composite solid axle 34T pulley (1pcs)
- central 20T pulleys (2ps)

It is very easy to exchange the pulleys on the current car using the other kit parts; extra parts are not required. The kit belts may be used. Using this set of pulleys will change the internal ratio to 1.7 (as in all previous versions of T2 cars).

Important notes to follow with T2'008 EU kits using standard 38/16T pulleys (2.375 internal ratio):

• proper belt tension is required
• more frequent servicing and inspection of the belts is required when using the 38/16T pulleys
• small (M3x2.5) setscrew from the Last Aid Bag must be used to ensure that it does not protrude from the pinion gear and/or touch the belt

To obtain your free replacement pulley set, please contact your local hobby shop or distributor. You will need to provide the certificate number that came with the T2'008 EU kit, as well as the purchase receipt.

Here you can download gear charts for the XRAY T2'008 (ratio 1.7 & ratio 2.375).