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Race report by Eric Dankel
The last round of the South German Championship was held in Althengstett. There were 21 drivers in the Modified category, and 28 drivers in Stock. In the last heat it was Stefan Brück who TQ´d the Modified class and in Stock class it was Eric Dankel who took the pole.

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The first modified A-main was won by XRAY driver Stefan BrĂĽck, with Felix Bischoff coming in second. XRAY driver Peter Deggelmann took 2nd place two times. In the last A-main there were three drivers who could take the win. After a very 3rd and final A-main, Peter Deggelman secured his overall win with his victory.

Modified final results:
1. Peter Deggelmann XRAY T2’008
2. Felix Bischoff
3. Stefan BrĂĽck XRAY T2’008
4. Martin Hofer
5. Dominik Fleischmann
6. Bernhard Bopp
7. Florian Bernklau XRAY T2’008
8. Alexander Stocker

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In the Stock category Eric Dankel couldn’t be beat. After his pole position he clocked the fastest lap time of 13.5 seconds. After two stock A-mains, Eric Dankel took the win for XRAY. He was the only one in the final to complete 32 laps. Second was Alexander Stocker and third was Robin Krull.

Stock final results:
1. Eric Dankel XRAY T2’008
2. Alexander Stocker
3. Robin Krull XRAY T2’008
4. Tim Wahl XRAY T2’008
5. Oliver Reutter XRAY T2’008
6. Christian StaudingerXRAY T2’008

7. Stefan Knott
8. Florian Ring XRAY T2’008
9. Julian Borowski

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Eric Dankel Winning Set-up sheet.

Stefan BrĂĽck Set-up sheet.