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Race report by Giorgio De Felici
The new national season is starting and Cassino's track hosted the warm-up event for the 1st official race of 2008: the Amsci Interregional Championship. More than 60 drivers attended the 1:10 class, with many top drivers coming from central Italy. My NT1 was really good since practice on Saturday, and with the new lightweight tyres the laptimes dropped a lot. This made me able to reach a similar record lap made by another top driver two weeks ago. On Sunday all was ready for the race. I made the 2nd TQ just one second behind Mazzeo but I was really confident for the final. The car was great and in the 2nd qualifying round I broke the track record but ran out of fuel the last corner! The final was difficult. We ran in the dark with artificial lights and I battled with 3 drivers - Piersante, De Rossi, and Peretti. I felt that to be a little bit faster I tried starting with really tall tyres. The traction was so high that in the first 3 minutes I lost one lap due to a couple of traction rolls, but this helped me in the final when I could recover and overtake everybody as my tyres were still good enough.

Final results:

1. Giorgio De Felici (XRAY NT1)
2. Simone Peretti
3. Stefano De Rossi (XRAY NT1)
4. Dante Piersante
5. Marco Tenzi (XRAY NT1)
6. EmanueleSilvestro
7. Jacopo Baronti
8. Massimiliano Agnese
9. Vincenzo Pietrobono (XRAY NT1)
10. Alessio Mazzeo